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Arduino Based Open Source Prosthetics


The goal of the Handuino team is to build an arduino based open source prosthetic hand that uses off the shelf technology.


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"Can we help amputees regain the sensory perception of having limbs?"

"Can we build an open source product that can be built entirely with off the shelf parts?"

Although numerous companies in the open source prosthetics space - none are using open hardware and off the shelf resources - making users depend on their hardware/software systems to be able to use the designs.


We are trying to change that by building an open source hand which allows users to control and well as feel back using their prosthetic limbs. Our goal is to deliver a product that anyone can download for free and 3D print and whose components can be bought off the shelf from any large online retailer like Amazon or Taobao.

We are using open hardware platforms like the arduino to be able to make this possible. We aim to deliver a design that can be scaled easily for any size and would cost under 100 USD to build yourself.


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Sidhant Gupta

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Call: +852 51385925

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